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Faraz Tahvieh Alborz Company, with more than 5 years of experience in the design and production of pre-insulated duct accessories, is proud to benefit from its expert and experienced workforce and using modern knowledge from its engineering design, molding and modeling to produce quality products produce under international standards. In this regard, we are proud to cooperate with industrialists and air conditioning companies.

Company Vision

Faraz Tahvieh Alborz Company operates with experienced employees and expert engineers in design and production, and with advanced machines and technologies, it is able to produce all pre-insulated channel accessories. with such ability, it has a large share of domestic and foreign markets.


  1. More attention and emphasis on the research and development process
  2. 25% increase in production compared to last year
  3. Increasing the share of foreign markets, especially Asian countries
  4. Achieving the first place in the production of accessories in Asia
  5. Getting customer satisfaction from products
  6. Moving towards globalization
  7. Continuous cooperation with reputable companies in the world
  8. A new approach to the marketing process
  9. Increasing the quantity and quality of products, competitive prices